L Curl Silk Lashes


The word elliptical is derived from the oval shape known as an ellipse and this is why it has the impression that there is eyeliner on the eye.

These lashes are soft, rich in shi

L EYELASH EXTENSIONS  are particularly useful for clients with downward growing natural lashes or on clients with mono-eyelids as well as deep set eyes.

Your clients will be able to notice the difference

total comfort and lightweight feel of the L Curl Silk eyelash extensions.

ne as they are silk. Simple to apply.

Elliptical in shape with a flat bottom with incredible volume – yet in nearly a weightless extension,

The 0.15mm in diameter has the weight of a 0.07 but the volume of 0.15 due to its shape and structure .

They grow out with the natural lash, no left and right tangles.

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